CBSE Class 9th English

  • English plays a crucial role in a student’s life. Learning English will not only help students in securing a good job but also help them to communicate well.
  • English is a highly scoring subject & can help students to boost their results in class 9th.
  • Reading the chapters thoroughly & understanding the storyline is important for students. Also, a proper understanding of grammar is required to score well in their examinations.
  • ACS Academy help students in learning English in a fun & innovative way.
  • We bring to the students best faculty experts so that the students can get an amazing learning experience.
  • Our Audio Visual Based learning help students in better retention of concepts & chapters.

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CBSE Class 9th English Course

Sr. No. Chapter Names
1 How I taught My Grandmother to Read
2 A Dog Named Duke
3 The Man Who Knew Too Much
4 Keeping It From Harold
5 Best Seller
6 The Brook
7 The Road Not Taken
8 The Solitary Reaper
9 Lord Ullin s Daughter
10 The Seven Ages
11 Oh, I Wish I d Looked After Me Teeth
12 Song of the Rain
13 Villa for Sale
14 The Bishop s Candlesticks