CBSE Class 12th Mathematics

  • Class 12th Mathematics is an important subject for class 12th students. Perfect knowledge & understanding of all the concepts are crucial for students to score well in their examinations.
  • Making the concepts clear in class 12th Mathematics not only helps in scoring good marks in class 12th but it is also an essential part of every competitive exams syllabus.
  • Class 12th Mathematics lays a foundation for other important subjects as well. Chapters like Calculus and differential equations etc helps in understanding the concepts & derivations behind the numerical of science.
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CBSE Class 12th Mathematics Course

Sr. No. Chapter Names
1 Probability
2 Linear Programming
3 3D Geometry
4 Vector Algbra
5 Relation & Function
6 Inverse Trigonometric Function
7 Matrices
8 Determinants
9 Continuity & Differentiability
10 Application of Derivatives
11 Integrals
12 Application of Integral
13 Differential Equation
14 Vector Algbra
15 3D Geometry
16 Linear Programming

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